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We know about historic methods and materials and care about the integrity of historic structures


“We understand that when it comes to historical restoration its not just another building, it’s a piece of history” -Ron Smilanich: Bimbos Pizza

Historic Masonry Service Offerings

Over time, moisture, pollution and exposure to the elements can compromise the structural integrity and appearance of a building. In addition, as some building materials age, they tend to become brittle, susceptible to cracking, spalling or oxidation, or prone to disintegration. Alone or in combination, these factors may ultimately threaten the structural stability and usefulness of the building. Mulder Waterproofing offers a complete range of historic restoration services that renew the appearance of buildings and protect them from further deterioration.
Repointing is the process of carefully removing deteriorated mortar from the joints of a masonry wall and replacing it with new mortar that has been intelligently formulated. If done well, repointing will both protect the building and enhance its historical character. Improperly done, repointing not only detracts from the appearance of the wall, but may cause damage to the historic masonry units themselves.

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